The Wonders of Glass

The Art of Blowing Glass


One of the beauties of glass is its malleability, so it can be formed into many different shapes and sizes. Heat is an essential ingredient during the forming of glass, and it is part of what allows the material to be shaped. The art of blowing glass is one that requires a good set of lungs, a firm vision of the final product, and it the needs only the hands of the artist to create a new piece.

Many blown glass pieces are small, but that does not detract from their beauty. Each bend and facet of the piece allows light to enter and shine through it, so that is a large part of what admirers see when they find a piece that intrigues them. The number of facets will determine the amount of light flowing, so complex pieces can outshine simpler objects. Even a small and simple piece will attract collectors with its unique look.

Blowing glass has been a way to create art pieces for centuries, but it now requires less lung power for those who prefer using as many tools as necessary to create their works of art. Modern blowers have the option of using an air hose, but traditionalists believe there is less control than using an air pipe and their own lungs. Each camp has its followers, but collectors have found beauty is the staple ingredient that melds them into one group of artists.

There are many pieces of blown glass that have been handed down through families, but pieces are still being created today. While many of them consist of clear glass, both old and new pieces are also made with many different colors and tints. Some are clear with just a small portion colored, and these are usually recognizable shapes of animals or fictitious figures that will attract collectors from far and wide.